Some Real Deal Online Media Stuffs for the Peeps on CBC Radio 3

I won a pair of tickets to Rock of the Woods by listening to CBC Radio 3 and posting an answer FIRST on their live blog.  That’s right – I was the first to post, and thus a pair of rad tickets ended up in my name for pick-up at the next weekends music festival in Bamberton, BC.  Online Streaming Radio + Live = Awesome.

If you listen to CBC Radio 3, rest assured that any song you dig can lead you to a full band bio and collection of songs from their extensive online library of musicians.  From the bands page, you can also link to their Facebook and Twitter pages, and you can create a log-on to respond to the radio in real-time, and thumbs up if you like the stuff.  Each show host has a blog entry for their show that day, describing the content and below is a feed of users comments while listening.

A.  Build up an encyclopedia of your topics.

B.  Allow users to like, follow and thumbs up things.

C.  Provide queues for them to respond on your page for treats like tickets!

Thanks to CBC Radio 3, I found out about Animal Nation, Whistler’s Hip Hop Duo.

Another live-stream radio VIA web is Viva Radio – They often play great and unusual stuff; I like Posso the DJ.


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