birthday cake.

Anne clicks the receiver down. It is 1993, and she is working the kid’s help hotline. “Wow. Some kids really have a hard time,” she keeps her hand on the phone, and her eyes too. Her husband Don has been watching her for the last five minutes, facing her across the kitchen island. Her toes […]


************************************************************** RE-DO // TAKEOVER // NEW BLOG thanks for visiting. This blog will now be revived. an open concept of mini-stories v.1986 visit for wee peeks into scenes and stories written with a glittering escape in mind, a view into a world seen by the characters born from the junction where love, femininity, and self-reflection […]

OK! Ok, ok.. ok.

The place I always mention in the fall. THREE beautiful trees that turn red before any of the others. They line the sidewalk in front of the “cottage house,” slurring a motion blur of RED against green and amber leaves that are falling to the ground. They even had a wood-carved bear on the lawn, […]

Staying Healthy in 2016

Hello from the other side! Jokes, I’m on your side. Why? BECAUSE I need the support too. Together we can be healthier in 2016. Here are some awesome tools to do that. 1. THE CRAVING GUIDE 2. PLAN B ORGANICS: For those in the Oakville area, there’s probably a pick-up location near to you, or […]

#finalFriday of #SoberOctober

All hail the angels above, it’s my final Friday doing Sober October! It has been a fun journey though, and I learned some very important lessons about limits and consumption. But —–   —— oh —– ohhhhhhhhh – SO SORRY body, Barcelona beckons for me and so I’ll be there next week. Maybe some champagne […]