OK! Ok, ok.. ok.

The place I always mention in the fall. THREE beautiful trees that turn red before any of the others. They line the sidewalk in front of the “cottage house,” slurring a motion blur of RED against green and amber leaves that are falling to the ground. They even had a wood-carved bear on the lawn, […]

Staying Healthy in 2016

Hello from the other side! Jokes, I’m on your side. Why? BECAUSE I need the support too. Together we can be healthier in 2016. Here are some awesome tools to do that. 1. THE CRAVING GUIDE 2. PLAN B ORGANICS: For those in the Oakville area, there’s probably a pick-up location near to you, or […]

#finalFriday of #SoberOctober

All hail the angels above, it’s my final Friday doing Sober October! It has been a fun journey though, and I learned some very important lessons about limits and consumption. But —–   —— oh —– ohhhhhhhhh – SO SORRY body, Barcelona beckons for me and so I’ll be there next week. Maybe some champagne […]