New Development on Hastings Street Deterring Street Crowd? Works for New Media Too!

In his Spacing Vancouver article, Andrew Cuthbert showcases the effect of new developments on the Downtown East Side of Hastings Street.  The map shows a clear relation in old buildings with bars on the windows as hot-spots for the Hastings Street-Community.  New buildings see less traffic and loitering – this is what having/not-having social media can do!

New Developments (use of Twitter, Mobile Apps, Videos, etc.) > Bars on Windows (the brand/company that is jailed in the ice-ages of interaction)

Street Crowds create an image of danger and illegality; don’t let them hover around your front door.  Throw some Twitter at it; new ways to communicate indicate stability and prosperity.  The abscence of these tools goes less frequently unnoticed, as search terms turn to “Joel Plaskett On Twitter” or #DesignVancouver, and the tools themselves become such a mainstay that searches are conducted from the site as a home-base.

Social Media allows you to appear where the front of technology is searching.


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