We’ve advanced online in ten years. Can you believe that?

Our online relationship has really progressed.  We’ve gone from being AOL “Buddies” to Facbeook “Friends.”  Ten years ago, conversations between my friends and I would go on during class, homework time, work, etc., over instant messenger.  You could send pictures and songs (while waiting 30 minutes for the little bar to complete it’s journey across), and have conversations in real-time over the net.  “Get the Net Stacy!!”  Today, you can tweet at your favourite celebrity (Lady GaGa is the most favouritest), ‘check-in’ to a physical place online, and the best new discovery in mobile and instant communications: the augmented reality app.

This is why I am going to buy an iPhone.  You can hold it up to the surrounding area and see what people in geographic proximity to you are tweeting – a little speech bubble appears immediately after they’ve sent it out into the Twittosphere, and you can watch as they step closer and closer to you.

How do they do it?

[Gyroscopes (telling your iphone which direction you are facing) + GPS and a built in compass] + Live Twitter Feed = your selection of km’s and tweet reading pleasure.

(This is not my video, nor my AIM log-in.)


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