Leveraging Social Media for Social Good: This Shirt Helps!

This Shirt Helps.  A plain t-shirt, funds go to drive social change.  “Social Change,” you’re decrying me already!  With so many people vying to bring the spotlight over so many causes, how can we manage to read over each speech on “making a difference?”

Look at the masterful brevity of this t-shirt campaign, and appreciate the hands that built everything about the concept from the website to twitter following, the shirts themselves, and network of charities ready to benefit.  That takes a lot of hard work: fortune cookie read “celebration coming your way for selfless efforts.”

your choice of black, grey, red or white
Give one week of education to one child
Plant three new trees in a forestation project
Save eight animals from being euthanized
Give one person clean water for one year
Give 20 children a meal

No petty guilt trips about it – the shirt is simply GOOD.
Check out the beautiful photos on their Facebook Page.
Other original sightings of simple Social Good using Social Media:

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