New Development on Hastings Street Deterring Street Crowd? Works for New Media Too!

In his Spacing Vancouver article, Andrew Cuthbert showcases the effect of new developments on the Downtown East Side of Hastings Street.  The map shows a clear relation in old buildings with bars on the windows as hot-spots for the Hastings Street-Community.  New buildings see less traffic and loitering – this is what having/not-having social media can […]

Video Killed the Radio Star.

Video killed the Radio Star.  Online Outshines the Television Show? It’s true – Netflix is putting Blockbuster out of business.  People are more inclined to keep cable only for the Sports broadcasts, if that.  But many end up downloading shows, buying box-set seasons to specifically avoid commercials, and enjoy joining in the camaraderie of watching […]

Some Super Slamming Ideas

(1) Add a Little Sugar; political, personal, even if you’re having a rough day, nobody is going to get farther by reading what NOT to do.  Not that it’s a race (farther), but if you put it out there, be ready for the direct after-effect – sweeten up, already! (2) Appreciation; if you’re stuck with […]