Prepping Social Media Like a Working Kitchen?

Kitchens!  They have a scheduled food system of pre-ordering, and preparing just the right amount – it got me to thinking if this could be done for social media?  Creating a back log of materials for specific occassions could be just the answer to ensuring a consistent online presence.  Based on the following:

(1) Scheduled releases based on time of day when most people visit the website

(2) Type of content that users spend the longest amount of time reading, or most shares / likes

(3) Upcoming trends to cover that you forsee being popular

If you stock your social media cupboard with a wide variety of posts and articles then you can be on the ready for the weekend or your chosen day when your visitors are most active.  Just like a restaurant fridge has some of the more expensive meats aging for future consumption, and the more perishable items coming in fresh every day, so can your social media be a healthy and working recipe for online success!


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