Helpful Tips for when you are camping

We went camping off Skagit Road, past Skagit National Park beside Skagit River.  In Skagit County?

1. if you don’t have a bottle opener, take your axe, hold the bottle in front of you, slide the axe tip up against the bottom lip of the top of the bottle, give it one slow practise swing and VOILA – you have sabered open your bottle of wine.  works on red, white, rose, dessert, and cooking.  It’s probably the most practical solution we can think of.

2. if you don’t have a bottle opener  (…..why????) buy yourself a box of wine.  It means the wine is in a box, and you can’t cork a box.  though someone should really try.

3. if playoff hockey is on, make sure your portable radio works.

4. dryer sheets + chunks of wax = excellent fire starter!

5. bring chairs.

6. make sure to poop before you exit the last town.

7. make sure not to poop in the last town before your campsite because the bathrooms are likely grosser than nature.

8. no matter how drunk you get, rapids probably aren’t a good idea.  they will never be “pillowy.”  though they may look that way….

9. trees care.


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