Sunday Morning

Morning!  I just finished a Chinese Custard Bun with some coffee – delicious start to the day while Andy makes Waffles (he’s using Margarine and not butter, but I’m being silent about it).  FIFA World Cup Female’s soccer is on television, of which I’m interested with 0% to 1% of my brain.

Last night we stayed in and watched Vanilla Sky, then sat out on the balcony with the twinkle lights on and lit our candles, inspected the smaller of two tomato plants, which has almost tripled in size over the last weeks.  The bigger one surprised us; we went to Home Hardware for herbs, found no good basil plants but got some cilantro, mint and chives.  The mint is surviving best, which is perfect because it’s the only one you can make a drink out of.  The tomato plant was a last  minute, $12 purchase, and we were sure it would die in our North facing apartment.  We wanted to give it a good effort though, and posted a Craigslist ad for indoor plant lighting so we could give it what it needed until mid-May, when the weather was fine for it to be outside.  We drove out to Langley to a ‘Janitorial Supply’ shop in a crappy middle-of-nowhere strip mall, where the owner happened to have all these long florescent aquaculture and plant lights.  There was a Hummer parked out front too, which seemed natural.  …

The light worked!  And by mid-may we needed to add extra height to the stakes with skewers, so it could support itself.  So far we have about 5 baby tomato nuggins, and the first one is almost exceeding an inch in size!  An inch!!  Even without direct sunlight, our plant proves that you can grow vegetables in the urban landscape.  Ur-Bane?  They just need a lot of water. We get lots of pigeons on the railing, and if any of them even try…ohh boy…

What’s that noise now, in the kitchen…Andy says “That’s going to be messy!”…I have a feeling the waffles are ready!


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