What’s crackalakin is my new favourite fordism. Interestingly enough that word – fordism – wants to auto-correct to cordial! I guess to be cordial with fordial you’d need to have a Mickey tuckered into your armpit and be rubbing his belly cooing about the economic savings while he packs the bowl and lights it (or whatever actions you do to smoke crack).

What happens to the behaviour of actual crack-heads when they find out one of their own can become such a prominent media figure? His digressions become the focus and although there’s a lot of backlash, there is in that a quiet support and acceptance, a revelation that the truth is, sometimes your mayor smokes crack. This is jersey shore entertainment. The message is all wrong. The dignified thing isn’t happening. Whatever that is.

What kind of affinity do current drug dealers end up feeling towards their local government when it turns out someone elected just so happens to also have all these ties to a criminal underworld? That thought is scary.

My nana in Florida says he’s been all over television there, where it’s hot and you don’t have to shovel your driveway and scrape your car, giving people an impression of Toronto – that maybe the crack helps with the cold! Yeah!

It’s just like sports people — drugging up is cheating. (Plus it’s bad for you). You should be punished accordingly. Crack is currently illegal. Though it may help with a personalized weight loss plan for our dear mayor, anyone want to put money in to see that?



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