What’s crackalakin is my new favourite fordism. Interestingly enough that word – fordism – wants to auto-correct to cordial! I guess to be cordial with fordial you’d need to have a Mickey tuckered into your armpit and be rubbing his belly cooing about the economic savings while he packs the bowl and lights it (or […]

Token Tuesday: UberLocal, @This__Space Shouts out to Their Neighbours!

This Space will be what the people wanted!  Defined by online poll results, This Space is helping to bring the Strathcona and Chinatown ‘hoods into a cohesive family by featuring business owners in series of “Meet the Neighbours” videos on Vimeo. When asked “What type of local service do you think belongs at 243 Union […]

#PKNVan is Sexy and they know it…

Pecha Kucha Night was exciting and memorable; each speaker an amazing host for their fields’ brightest and most innovative ideas.  Highlights were Sandy Garossino telling the fine handiwork behind turning a proposed Vancouver Casino into a useless mirage, the loose affiliates’ foresight to bring colour to brown buildings like the Aquatic Centre, and to rainbow […]