Leading Women in Social Media – Taboo Taboo

It was a pleasure to sit in on Social Media Week’s ‘Leading Women in Social Media’ event last Wednesday.   Among the featured panelists were Suzanne and Madeleine from Lunapads who are creating a lively and ongoing online conversation on the LunaPads blog, just check out how many shares they get every day!  Why do they stand out beyond the borders of their industry?  They are boldly talking about a topic-area that makes most people squirm.

Periods!  They are Taboo’ing ‘Taboo,’ and marketing their company by opening up a new space to share which previously did not exist.  Skilful at crafting a blog post that can both communicate the worldly drives of their brand and the basic offerings of their product, they are able to give readers a reason to share their name with pride.   Their Facebook page is decked out with over 4,000 fans, a great “Reviews” section, links to YouTube videos and more, engaging on many levels with their public.  Their product boasts a Green and sustainable essence, in effect allowing a whole other conversation to take place around that fulcrum – young and mature women alike, expressing all manners of thought on what it is like to be a woman.  Leading the conversation for an area that doesn’t receive a whole lot of light is a smart way to power your product to change the world.


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