Music Monday: New Look @NewLook Experts in Minimalism @FortuneSound

Sarah Ruba + producer Adam Pavao (model meet DJ turn married music duo) = New Look.

After they opened for SBTRKT last Tuesday at Fortune Sound, New Look‘s moody pop ballad has been tainting my heart with a delicate sadness!!!  They have something in common in this video with SBTRKT: projections of one thing onto a canvas in front of the actual thing.  This must be the ‘new look’ of the hotly produced synth tracks that are becoming a refreshing success on the live club circuit.

They gave a great show that started off a little sad and slow, but picked up with emotion in tact, into a full-fledged electro-pop-explosion.  She held a keytar, he worked some knobs, I think?  With tight, clear and concise lyrics on songs like So Real and Everything, his backing beat instrumentation is like a flock of bouncing balls underneath her icy vocals.  Hailing from Hamilton Ontario, they have been compared to Junior Boys, duo from the same town.

This late 80’s tribal-drum sound, lite-minor keys and contemplative vocals wrap nicely into the hat of New Look, which should be worn with pride.  Burgeoning on the scene they give a worthy nod to the sometimes vast emptiness vibing from a cold technological world, and they bring warmth in that recognition.

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