High Fashion, Live via Tumblr

Not all of us can fly to New York for Fashion Week, so while we’re not there having to feel couture-less comparative with the practiced fashionistas native to one of the world’s refined style meccas, we can keep up from the comfortable confines of Tumblr!

Oscar De La Renta, Live Fashion Show  (September 13, 2011)

Tumblr, the ‘easiest way to blog’ categorizes posts using trending, very similar to how Twitter does.  Those in attendance can upload with the keyword #ODRLIVE during the show, creating a live update collection of photographs from multiple perspectives.  It will be interesting to tune in and see what the show ends up looking like via tumblr; potentially a great way to keep a log of events for later reference.  Oscar De La Renta will also have a good idea of who the people are that are covering their brand and broadcasting them to the community.


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