#MusicMonday: Gus Gus – Over

Gus Gus from the young island Iceland; islandish/icelandish. Taken from their 2011 album ‘Arabian Horse’ (released via KOMPAKT). For a brief history on music from Iceland – read: foundations laid via [celtic slave song + Icelanders travel and contact with foreign musicianship + worship “singing of the catholic mass”] + [first choir brings celebration of […]

Sartorial Satire

“Yah, I go’ like five e-campaign mailers from fith ave ‘n a coupon for a half-price brazilian. Still no response on whether my kitty is through rehab yet though, that one’s been makin my ankles sweat.” I guess she’ll have to keep shopping….

#TokenTuesday: the FoodTree App

If you can’t be eating food, or working with it – you might as well be looking at it.  FoodTree lets you find out where your food comes from.  People take pictures of “What’s Fresh” around YVR, and post their photos linked with the food provider and location… check it out for yourself!