Stylie-Coyote: Actually – Panthers.

These two panther shirts via Pixie Market remind me of a funny knock knock joke that a friend once recounted a young person in their camp having said. … … “Knock Knock.” -Who’s there? “Panther.” -Panther Who??? PANTHER NO PANTH, I’M GOING THWIMMING! ** Panther’s truly are a beautiful animal. If you are curious about […]

Art: Klatle-Bhi

A lot of times the wood, which we believe is still alive, will tell you what it is supposed to be. You have to listen to that. -Klatle-Bhi This mask made of red cedar, acrylic and horsehair is titled “The Spirit Needs No Eyes.” His name means: He Who Leads the Killer Whale Pod. Pictured from: […]

#SaturdayReview: 127 Hours, it’s lessons…

When in a desperate situation, the weight of every object you carry becomes heavier or lighter, some become very valuable. There is a beautiful moment where the sun rises through the crevasse and he feels the ultimate relief it brings. 15 minutes of sunlight, every morning. Sometimes all you have to do is run over […]

Man in the Street on Broadway

You see a man in the street, he is smiling so happily, with his eyes all cartoon sympathetic like, and a smile with the curvey-lines like you draw on the ends when you’re five – why do we automatically assume he must be crazy? Is life just not supremely fantastic enough, that someone could be […]

Festival of Lights

It was a cold and dreary Tuesday and all through the town, not a creature was stirring, even bears from downtown. But the lights were aglow in a park up the hill, every half hour a show to delight and to thrill. On Comet, and trap her, on don her, and Blitzen; the cooks and […]

#Consume Vancouver – a Revolution Just in Time for Christmas

Yes…in response to #occupy, why not boost that local economy and inspire hires by #consuming YVR?  Because christmas shopping is the best!!  Records, kitchen tools, liquor, books.  I’ve already bought a killer gift for one of the two gift-games my family engages in over boozy-eggnogs by the fire – it’s “arty” and “local,” and dare […]

Astronaut Suicides – Photographs, and Look Who’s Landing Now

A group of three artists (photographer Neil DaCosta, art director Sara Philipps and re-touch artist Saskia Thomson) got together and created Astronaut Suicides.  The project site offers only the following quote as explanation for the creation of this pristine set of darkly comic photographs. I understand that some believe that we should return to the surface of the moon but I […]