Ontario Skiing #excersize

Well, I did it today. Got back on the two planks and headed out of the cabin. Towards — my goodness, is that a hill? 

It may not be any majestic style mountain, but the wee niagara escarpment cuts a nice angle to ski down, jutting out of the gerorgian Bay Area. (My phone keeps auto correcting to capitalize Bay Area) — anyhow, can you imagine the kind of skiing one would encounter in miniature world? It’s that effect.

These are excersize hills, built for quick and icy runs, with a lot of downtime in lift lines and on chairs, but your legs get a light burn at the bottom of each slope. It’s a great activity – even better topped off with lunch at one of the great restaurants in blue mountain village (yet it won’t capitalize blue mountain…). 

It felt good as anything to be out, on mind you, what was a fairly warm day. The snow was sugary sweet under your feet and the view of the bay is a nice sight to see. I reccomend getting out there whenever you can, and get a good bit of excersize before your beer. Today’s tasting for apres will start at 5 – an IPA called Lady Friend in a growler from Elora Brewing. 

Peace out. 

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