#finalFriday of #SoberOctober

All hail the angels above, it’s my final Friday doing Sober October!

It has been a fun journey though, and I learned some very important lessons about limits and consumption. But —–   —— oh —– ohhhhhhhhh – SO SORRY body, Barcelona beckons for me and so I’ll be there next week. Maybe some champagne on the plane, beers on the drive, then live it up in the coastal European Semi-Tropilan AREA with wild abandon. Two AM club opens, and the gothic quarter, with the most excellent shopping along the Passieg de Gracia. A trot on horse around the Catalunyan mountains with a very late bus that demanded we wait with more wine… I come out back at home feeling vivaciously healthy in cultural mind, with a vocation for branding that has oddly come alive, and finally, but not completely, a voraciousness and unmatched penchant to challenge things in my life that I’m finally digesting – it’s these hairpin turns that kill me for the rest; but the calculations gathered together – mean my mind can stretch to levels than I’ve ever thought would be. Let’s just hope this time – the facts stick, and that I stick to being me. 🙂


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