#MusicMonday x #ElectionDay


In the spirit of “voting” — THAT day when we get to exercise our rights to select a leader appropriate for our nation called Canada, I decided to put together a playlist of songs that I think really express how I feel about the whole shabang, exclusively by Canadian artists. First off, you must know I am someone who has about a millimeter of concept for politics – for some reason, the leveled logic of it all seems to pass me right by. Secondly, I come from a family with diverted views on who should be in power. This year, none of whom I agreed with.

(1)  Kathleen Edwards – I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory : how I feel about the current administration. No more peacemaking. No equal treatment for women. No support for local small cultural outlets.

(2) Sarah McLachlan – Building A Mystery : how I’m going to act when people ask me who I voted for. This is a very personal decision that I wasn’t entirely comfortable making to begin with, let alone be able to talk at length about.

(3) The Tragically Hip – Ahead By A Century : how I feel about the Green Parties ideals: conservation of the environment, conservation of the world.

(4) Blue Rodeo – Lost Together : my faith in the Green Party being able to run the country without diving into the dangers of deficit. Hell, I couldn’t do it either. Also reflective of my faith in them being able to actually get elected.

(5) Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean? : a question for all of the leaders, saying this and that just to win in one riding, then reneging elsewhere.

(6) The Acorn- Glory : how I feel about Canada and the potential we have to light fires under everyone else’s butts to be the best we can be.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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