#MusicMonday: Unknown Mortal Orchestra – So Good at Being in Trouble

I love this song, and this band that I heard about from a friend that instagram-video’d their amazing guitar work from an Austin City Limits show last week. Sitting with toes dipped in the covered pool, where I nearly fell into last winter on one of the chilled icy nights. I could throw this on repeat a couple times like the good old days, wandering the yard and pulling up the dried dead stalks of grass from our decorative pots. The ones that aren’t making it through the colder mornings. It’s dark now when I wake up —- FALL is here.

And have you ever been in TROUBLE for something, like really badly — and maybe are going through some sort of punishment? These guys are  talking about a girl it sounds like, but maybe a bit about themselves since they know this experience so first hand. The trap of moral penance when only you can be the judge on actions said and done — it pays to say more now, repent later. Perhaps they enjoy that state of mind, and this is an homage.


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