Starbucks app and vocal coach

What am I doing on a Saturday meowing? Meowing? Yes. I am new ping my voice at a vocal lesson. The #1 tip that she gave me right off the bat was to root through your feet and switch from the head voice to chest voice singing the same line over talland over. Mindfully horizontal. Great warm up tool, because it helps you to be able to merge the two.

She lives an hour away but is worth it so on the drive back I was thinking I would want a coffee. Lately – because of their special order abilities!!! I have been a Starbucks friend. A friend of Starbucks. I love it – everyone has an order for Starbucks if you ask them, making it really easy to do someone a favour. “Hey what do you have at Starbucks?” “Oh a PSL. Tall.” What kind of medical procedure is that? “That’s a pumpkin spice latte.”

Ok. And so it is done. Hot treat in someone’s hand. I have gotten better at my own orders. When we we young we had a van that we used to drive long trips in – it was called the Budd bus. We used to have juice boxes, bless my mother for the gift of boxed juice, but the whole experience was so exciting then – a Starcraft bus – that now it seems like a dream. In the same way that my order at Starbucks takes me to a cloud-9 place. Earl grey tea misto (tea is better for the vocal chords) with an Xtra shot of vanilla and lactose free milk – cause I can’t handle the real stuff.


The best part about Starbucks? There’s an app that tells you exactly how far they are from you at any moment. You can have your cake.

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