Hello again! Return to blog and new new news!!

I am definitely an all or nothing type of person. So when I stopped being able to post almost daily (which turned to  weekly), the blog went off my to do list and into the sorry pile of unfinished projects. But I have started to miss these posts and after a long break want to continue building this little collection of music videos and ramblings to bring you some of the stuff that I find entertaining – as well as updates on some exciting milestones coming up on the pesky horizon. I am still doing social media and have finally got another music project brewing which I can update you about, here on 4mewla.

In the spirit of this fresh start and new beginnings, I want to bring to you some fall-fresh tunes that capture the sentiment of starting anew. The summer has been an endless one, I have this feeling like right now that each season is it’s own entire year! So much happens and changes that they can be bundled as discrete units of time, with a whole unique set of rules and styles and feelings to abide by within them.

So here we are — my fave fall fresh vids:

U2 – The Sweetest Thing. Bono – bonofying your fall into full-effect. It even has lyrics  – blue skies up AHEAD!!

Sting – Brand New Day. Anyone who can so boldly feature phony self-branded product placement into a perfectly good opportunity to express ones artistic self must be saying something about the vanity behind marketing our consumer products, and as much as it irks me to see all the “futuristic” sting-tantric craziness, it in fact does look like somewhat of a nice and comfortable world he has concocted.

The Weakerthans – One Great City. Something about the fall also reminds me of the winterier cities in Canada as they prepare for their famous cold-weather broadcasts. Some people long for the beaches of Carolina or a hot tobago sunset, but as a good Canadian I also know the joys of damning your own meteorological-what-have-you situation. So hard done by.

So, bring on the leaves changing colours and the pumpkins and leaky noses. It’s only a matter of time before we’re shredding ices on the hills, I supposes.


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