#SaturdayReview: Thoughts from ‘Cliffhanger’

“You don’t want to be stuck on that ledge for the rest of your life.”

Don’t put all your best men on one flight.

Industrial espionage makes for a boring plot. But a hero doesn’t.

Inexperienced climbers are gonna die. They also don’t have Hollywood noses.

Zoom outs make for steeper inclines and more dramatic fight scenes.

John Lithgow is funny no matter what. He is also the only real man who cares about a map.

Pulling a gun mildly phases Stallone.

“wait a minute asshole” is an appropriate way to address to a teammate.

Hehe – “go fetch, wonder dog.”

You CAN sever a climbing rope with a crampon. And shoot at avalanches.

Take home point: money flies rogue across a mountain scape. And Gravity IS a bitch.


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