#MusicMonday – Royal Canoe; get it while it’s not-hot!

Is Animal Collective touring by alias? This Canadian band hailing from Winnipeg is starting to take the circuit by organic-storm; people don’t know them, yet. There is no doubt they will be full-on soon, so get out to see their excellently compelling live shows (if they extend a Canadian tour) before you have the crowds to compete with. Intimate, dark, yet also light – amazonian, heavy, dripping with complex instrumentals that fit together like enzymes. Calling on the perk of Vampire Weekend, rhythm of Iron and Wine, electronic additions of Nine inch Nails, attitude of Metronomy and sometimes the emotion of Elliot Smith – the are like a chocolate bar with almonds, apricot, cherries and pecans. With a dark-roast coffee.

Acoustic performance slash interview:


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