Bored with your Social Media? Run a Twitter Contest!

If your account has a following greater than 60, there’s no reason to be a sitting duck – run a twitter contest! Nothing encourages interaction like a little giveaway. Choose a prize that has moderate value – something you yourself might find useful, and set a goal like increasing followers or getting people to visit your new product online, then start your #giveaway!

Running a Contest: step-by-step

1. Determine schedule for the contest

  • Schedule re-tweets of contest throughout the running-period
  • Finalize draw date to include in messaging (Fridays are a great, people are likely to share)
  • Obtain photos and event/product information to link to
  • Notify staff of the contest and details, encourage them to share

2. Tweet call to action for contest

  • Explain the goal of the contest. i.e. We want more pals, RT & Follow us on Facebook to enter our 25 Dollar Coupon Draw! or Write to us with feedback on your experience as a customer for a chance to win free kitty litter for life!

  • Tweet out a message that gives something and gets something in return
  • Use event or product related hashtag to hit more viewers, i.e. #meowmix #contest #giveaway
  • Tweet contest directly to influencers and your major fans that are likely to retweet you

3. Develop script to e-mail to winners

  • Plan of action for winners to claim-up their prize
  • Consider where and who the winners are in relation to the company
  • Include event/prize date, location, procedure, links, photos, etc..

4. Draw Winners

Social Media Contest

  • Ensure they are a target client not a spammy-spambot
  • Circulate winner names and handles to staff
  • Announce winners at an appropriate time of day (lunch or 4-5pm are good times)
  • Notify winners and invite them to DM their e-mail so that you can send them details on picking up their prize, and later you can them to your to e-contacts (if approved)

4. Follow-up afterwards to find out if they enjoyed their prize, and snag photos if it’s for an event that you attend!

The more special the prize is, the better the outcome – winners will remember you fondly for creating a wonderful moment in their lives. Even if your prize doesn’t hold a huge monetary value, going that extra mile will resonate!!



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