Direct E Mail and why Branding is More Important

The most trifling question in Creative Copy class – How do you get someone to open up a piece of Direct Mail?  Of course the class content was lagging because wouldn’t it be direct E-MAIL today? Anyway, the blah-blah-blah of using visually STRIKING colours, nice and BIG font, a catch-phrase that really grabs someone as the subject line.  Bottom line is – nobody is going to open up your direct e-mail unless they recognize and love the brand.

If you get a piece of mail that has a stunner Range Rover on the front, chances are, you’re going to open it.  The brand has an established allure, just the sight of the name or an image evokes a feeling.  So, when you’re blasting out a letter to your e-contacts, you can either tag a Range Rover onto everything, or make sure the people you are sending it to have a solid understanding of your brand.

One bit of ad-mail that I always make a point of reading from my inbox is Vancouver fashion boutique’s Eugene Choo mail.  It only took one e-blast from them to get me hooked on the brand; it was their combination of a friendly and quaint voice, coupled with whimsical fonts and candid, lovely photos.  Nobody else is Eugene Choo, and you’ll see why…


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