Token Tuesday: UberLocal, @This__Space Shouts out to Their Neighbours!

This Space will be what the people wanted!  Defined by online poll results, This Space is helping to bring the Strathcona and Chinatown ‘hoods into a cohesive family by featuring business owners in series of “Meet the Neighbours” videos on Vimeo.

When asked “What type of local service do you think belongs at 243 Union Street?” 49% answered Local Food; so that is what they will be filling their space with.

The next poll created by this self-defining Hood Honcho asks what the store should be called, and locals have revealed suggestions that vary from Ping Pong Produce, to “Nom,” and someone even submitted Fresh & Clean along with a video of Outkast’s So Fresh and So Clean.  Not only are they going to provide the community with a spot to grab fresh eats while injecting more urban flavour into the landscape, but it is also their intention to create jobs and support local charities with a portion of the earnings.  If anyone deserves a token, it’s This Space!  Can’t wait to see how the shop turns out!


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