#occupy Gets Economized with it’s own Pop Product!

I can’t wait until this guy comes out with his next single: Pizza Ain’t My Veggie, Baby.  Everything gets better through music, especially when the lyrics are directed at the general US government.  Everyone can relate to that, not just Occupy Wall Streeters: you fuck with my money, and you’ll be sorry!  Is their vision getting clearer, have the smoke signals passed on to leave the raw streets bare with reason?  Or is this beat just too catchy… The fact that the creators chose to illuminate their opinion using the power of pop speaks to the generation currently bearing the cross of being hungry during a worldwide recession.  This song belongs to those recent graduates, hopeful new homeowners, 80’s and 90’s babies spat out from Disney’s bowels into a harsh and jobless climate that really have worked hard to find their place.

Penguin Prison‘s new single, Don’t F**k With My Money, is taken from his self titled album, which was released on September 5th, 2011. It is the second single from the well received album, following on from Fair Warning, which was released in July of this year.”


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