As the November Revolution Happens – #tahrir VIA Twitter

If you were on Twitter this past Saturday and you happened to be following anyone located in #Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt, you would have caught news of the first death out of many, wrapped in a tear gas filled recounting of what started as a peaceful protest.  Watching the action unfold in 1 sentence leaks via Twitter was a heavy contrast to the calm city of #YVR viewable from my window.  Tear gas dropped from helicopters, out of vents, a hero on a motorcycle acting as a makeshift ambulance through the massive crowd; searching #tahrir on twitter reveals an ever flowing update of the struggle.

Some interesting voices to follow:

@Egyptocracy – I tweet about Egypt and the world. Politics, culture and beyond. Do not take me too seriously, I will surprise you at times. RTs are not always endorsements.

@3arabawy In a dictatorship, independent journalism by default becomes a form of activism, and the spread of information is essentially an act of agitation.

@hackneylad Guardian correspondent based in Cairo and London 

@cairocitylimits – Would-be rabble-rouser. Cities, space, protest. (posts some interesting and clear images)

@OccupiedCairo – Cairo based producer, part time revolution promoter

@SherineT Al Jazeera English Correspondent, Middle East/North Africa


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