Stuck in the Middle of Love and Hate… #occupyVancouver

They say the postmodern conundrum is the ever present feeling of loss, countered by a hope for new order.  We’re stuck smack between love and hate, y’all!   I heard a quote from one of the #occupy protesters this morning: “We have the mailing address of City Councillors so everyone can get together and send them packages filled with rocks!”  Isn’t that a hate crime against the postal service?

@PoachedEsquire likes to say he has a solution for the unemployed (and not the tirelessly trying kind, the tired of participating kind, the kind that says things like “let’s send rocks through the mail”).  He says “Send them to rock breaking camp in Nunavut.”  It sounds like some of the protestors are ready to go.

Listen to Raheem.  Listen with a grain of salt – you have two hands, make a choice to start sending out a little more of one than the other.  #occupyVancouver


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