Friday’s Events in the ‘Non-Fall’ of the City of #YVR

The thing about living in the City part of Vancouver is you don’t really get a fall.  We can only tell the season-switch by the music inside Starbucks.

Even tough Christmas magic is sprouting up on shelves everywhere, there is over a month and a half to go until it actually gets swinging, so in the meantime, embrace the non-existent fall by participating in some indoor activities, out from the cold.

First up is tomorrow’s Creative Morning with guest Bif Naked – something about Bif Naked doesn’t say summer…she says fall.  CreativeMornings is a free, monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types; and nothing is better than a warm cup of coffee and a bit of storytelling time.

After that is tomorrow night’s FUSE at the Vancouver Art Gallery: a first visit to see Citizen Brand’s PennySmash, an artist collaboration that fuses trip souvenirs with high-design.  Pennies = the colour of fall!

More to come on both!


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