The Museum of Me #Intel

Intel has done a good job of visualizing themselves, as your facilitator in personality conceptualization; this online campaign allows them to use their technology to connect you to a showcase of your social history.  It utilizes your Facebook content (photos, friends, links, videos) and overlays them into an explorable exhibition inside the building.

The concept plays off of our proven obsession with seeing ourselves in our personal connections; liking other peoples posts, sharing photos of our weekend activities, songs we enjoy and thoughts of the moment.  A cinematic soundtrack plays in behind these personal tokens, and the experience finishes with an uplifting web of connectivity: a cool image of the social network in general.

There is something gratifying in the placement of familiar faces with one another; I’d love to see them create an event where the connections between individual attendees are projected onto a big huge screen, linking people who may be unaware of their proximity, through a live visualization of the online friendship chain.  It could be so big!

Click the image above to have your own life flashed before your eyes!


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