#sbtrkt @fortunesound

When I arrived to see SBTRKT last night, there were dusty old wooden boxes and stacked chairs, tall relic looking things looming in the corner of @fortunesound; but something happened while I was there.  Could it be that they were setting up for the Halloween extravaganza of the coming weekend?  Or was there some longstanding historical alliance between the sounds and rhythm of SBTRKT, to unlock these boxes and let everyone look inside?  Dismantling the coverings, and dusting off the pieces is what those sounds do.  Heavy glass balls, spectres, golden slot machine.  Rhythms like a rotating rubix cube and the purest of voices.

Where do you go, between work and here?  On my way home, I look at stars.

SBTRKT has explained that he’d “rather not talk about myself as a person, and let the music speak for itself. The name SBTRKT is me taking myself away from that whole process. I’m not a social person, so having to talk to DJs to make them play a record is not something I want to do. It’s more about giving them a record as an anonymous person and seeing whether they like it or not. If they play it, they play it.


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