#PKNVan is Sexy and they know it…

Pecha Kucha Night was exciting and memorable; each speaker an amazing host for their fields’ brightest and most innovative ideas.  Highlights were Sandy Garossino telling the fine handiwork behind turning a proposed Vancouver Casino into a useless mirage, the loose affiliates’ foresight to bring colour to brown buildings like the Aquatic Centre, and to rainbow the logs on English Bay, and Urban Visuals fake-shooting Christina Aguilera in the noggin; all together they made a beautiful combination of ideas that I only hope are able to flourish in the coming years (minus the X-Tina offing – the girl can wail).  What a city it would be if our urban spaces were colourful, there was a bike ramp up and down to every apartment and building, a plentitude of artist live/work spaces, fabulous light shows around the city in the real light of day/night, and all with a distinctly canadian design?  That would be a Vancouver.  ❤ Pecha Kucha.  The cherry on top for me was that Sun Wizard opened, then Jonathan Simkin, the man behind Light Organ Records, spoke candidly and hilariously about his crazy family and drug-induced stumble into a career in Entertainment Law.  There was a lot of living wrapped into 20 slides last night – I was getting woozy from so much covered ground!  If any city in Canada can bring the sexy back, it’s Vancouver.


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