Token Tuesday on a Wednesday

Since I missed yesterday’s token Tuesday, it’s happening right now!!  On a Wednesday!

I want to shout out to Glasfurd & Walker : Concept, Graphic Design and Art Direction in Vancouver.  I just discovered they are responsible for the brand design behind the wonderful Bao Bei, a neighbour I know and love.   This project was the winner of the 2010 Applied Arts Complete Design Program – Campaign award.  Cheers to them for jazzing up the Chinatown neighbourhood but sticking to Vancouver’s affinity for florescent signage.

“The brief was to create a memorable and distinctive identity and brand design for the restaurant Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie in Vancouver’s Chinatown.  Inspired by old Shanghai, the restaurant and its identity was to feel naturally Chinese – not heavily ‘themed’ and bring together elements of contemporary design with historical nuances that serve to infuse the
brand and space with a distinctive persona and atmosphere.”


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