JetBlue Airways goes non-traditional with Twitter

Look at JetBlue – Followers up, Following down.   Today they have 1,650,708 followers!

Check out their Twitter feed; every single tweet in this line-up is an @response, and not necessarily towards a current follower.

Now check out where JetBlue made their money today:

They’re rocking a new-school strategy by working knots out for customers on the fly.

It makes sense for them to be online, that’s where people are booking their flights (no long hold-waits on the phone), but they are crafting social media to behave in a very functional way.  St. George, JetBlue’s Mega-Dude, describes their use of Twitter as sheerly a communication zone, where a two-way street is opened up between them and their customer base, so they can learn what needs to be improved.

This speaks loudly for today’s consumer: to be reached a few moments after lodging a complaint, then receive results and compensation is wonderful.  It makes work easier for JetBlue employees, who are then are able to solve an issue as it happens, and the consumer is rewarded for speaking their mind.  Love!


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