Nutella: The Loveable Social Hazelnut Spread

How does Nutella get new Facebook followers so often, quickly and in such large amounts?  It can’t just be that their spread is an amazing thing to wake-up with on your fingers (the revelation of an open jar on the bedside table is always a welcome one).  While they don’t use Twitter, people are literally tweeting their name multiple times every minute…

What in the world are they doing to be on the tops of minds all over the world?  Dr. Evil wants to know.

First off, their Facebook fan page is jazzed up with a nice big image in the traditional Red and White Nutella colours, showcasing a delicious scene of knife-in-jar, and it invites visitors to “Come join our World.”   They only post status updates on their news feed every few days or every couple of weeks, which is less than the given “2-5 posts per day” rule.   They get thousands of comments when posing a question to their public:

“It’s called “breakfast” because you have to eat quickly… True or false? 🙂 ” obtained over 4,000 likes and 1,500 comments.  Every post is mostly a general and personable comment, light and optimistic.


“Your favourite breakfast: savoury or sweet?”

“What’s your favorite song to listen to when you’re having breakfast?”

“It’s time for some fun in the sun, Nutella has started and already has its summer crush… What about you? ;)”

They’ve nailed down the following:

A. Key Topics: Morning time, Breakfast, School, Love, Energy
B. Target Voice: Youthful, Optimistic, a Friend, Inquisitive
C. Very broadly accessible in tone, and updates that are easily ‘spread’ by many people, everywhere!

Nutella on Facebook


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