Google’s Tribute to Freddie Mercury

Woke up this morning to find out Google is a Queen fan!  The animated graphic is far more extensive than usual, offering full minutes of a gamer-sized Freddie screaming through the space fast-lane in a little red jet, in and amongst floating Google letters.  Had he stayed alive, he would have been 65 today.  (go to google and click on the image outside of the play button)

In other news, September is upon us, and in the cozy confines of Prince Rupert, BC, it feels like the Fall switch has been clicked on.  It’s chili making time, it’s school book buying, new goal setting, fresh faced fall.  It’s always good to set a few precidents for the next months that can help drive the beggining weeks of this season, so that in February you can look back fondly to remember how joyful and over enthused you had been over the coming of the winter.  Maybe this year I will try not to let those optimistic visions get bumped to the wayside by the dimming hours and windy rain, plummeting like some crushed instant noodles onto the linoleum floor.  I don’t have a linoleum floor; something about September always conjures dorm room romanticisms; I’m dealing with Phantom Education….I think I wish I was going back to school.

Back to Freddie, the song that the Google tribute uses, “Don’t Stop me Now,” is a perfect example of how it feels to be heading back to University in the fall with those gigantic visions of an intellectually and socially stimulating year ahead, full of prolific paper writing and world-dominating ideas about how language has the ability to shape the future into a fulfulling cat-nip wunderland and your opinion is the most important, informed, and deserving of attention.


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