When a Relationship becomes a Real-ationship

Two people are perfect for each other, because nobody else wants to put up with either of them.  It becomes a Real-ationship when your mind stops wandering dreamily into the future, and you’re forced to deal with the how and now.  The honeymoon period is over, and you find out just exactly what and who means the most to you; the bubbles, sparkles, pop and fizz are all but a distant ring-tone to your ear, and you have to walk boldly into the future with all your equipment at the ready.

This happens with Twitter!  Maybe you have a good following.  But, in order to keep things moving with your best friend you have to actually talk to them directly – you can’t go around broadcasting to everyone else that you “have a best friend!” or “230 to 4,000 followers!”  That’s like shouting at a bird from underwater in a cold lake.   And just like in life, it can be difficult to discern out of that many-a-pool-o-people, who exactly cares about what you have to say.

If only life had http://www.mytwitfans.com .  Now you know just who to send those cute little @tweets to.

Love your fans!!


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