Everyone…1, 2, 3 – Care!!!

After reading a BC Business article on Bad Press Releases and the current media-mayhem over the Free Crack Pipes being distributed in the downtown East Side, I thought I’d do a little experiment.

Let’s say my toes want to release their new amazing perfume, which happens to be a sweet scent of furry apricot and brandy.  They’re stoked, because nobody else has made a scent like this, and they did it with all natural ingredients.  The problem is, everyone is claiming that their product is fully eco-friendly, green, sustainably manufactured, etc., so hammering that point as the hot-air balloon would be like emphasizing the fact that the perfume carries a smell.

My little perfume is different though; it’s not just a great smelling product that women will want to wear because it smells good…it is going to bring eau de toilette back into fashion.


Smelling Great is Back for Good

Why aren’t women wearing perfume anymore?  After years of the familiar wildly-gestured disgust as a coworker strides by with an unbearably heavy perfume, the idea of a spritz in the morning has simply gone out of fashion.  However, Toe de Vin perfume, the first eco-friendly scent made by toes, is changing the game of smelling great.

Psychologists Rachel Herz and Estelle Campenni were just getting to know each other, swapping stories about their lives over coffee, when Campenni confided something unexpected: She was living proof, she said, of love at first smell. “I knew I would marry my husband the minute I smelled him,” she told Herz.

Research has shown that we use scent-based signaling mechanisms to suss out compatibility, but if the fragrance is too strong it could have the opposite effect.  How does Toe de Vin get around the stigma that years of overdosing on Grandma’s offensive artillery potion has created?  Lighter mixes with more neutrality, and laboured balancing tests that ensure a cringe-proof dose on any nose, even in the case of an over-use.

“Spillage happens,” says Pinkie De Rose, “but Toe de Vin just adds that extra boost to your natural womanly scent, it is not an attack on the air, it is love, it is confidence, it is simple.”  Pinkie goes on to explain that her line of scents is intended to bring back the romance of preparing to see a loved one, but in a context that is suitable to today’s modern relationships.

“You can put it on in the morning and walk out of the house feeling great, go see a show, grab a cappuccino, ride to the ArtScore to pick up your boyfriend; in fact it compliments just about any mood I’m in, and I’m comfortable with it,” says Nailar Yoomi, former Japanese model turned newlywed to Sir Callus.

Toe Du Vin plans to launch their Scent Tasting Room next month, where the perfect balanced scent can be found, based on personality and taste.  Among their light, alluring spritzes are: Furry Apricot and Brandy, Candied Chilli Pecan, Thug Pine, and Cherry Red Rose.  Look for the Tasting Room Oracle protruding from the mess of boutique desks in department stores, starting September 23rd.


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