General 2 Specificz

There are one million people who are interested in company A!

Company A says like:  We have to appeal to everyone, so that we can get the mostest.

Well, I say – my closet isn’t just a hodge podge of velvet jackets next to a summer dress, next to a black blazer, hanging with a white Marylin Monroe costume chiffon, beside my flower printed slacks via the sale bin at value village.   It’s organized.  We keep our underwear in the underwear drawer, and our t-shirts folded in their own shelf.

Why not do the same with your millions of people, company A?  This is clearly not a novel concept, but it can seem difficult to do sometimes.

Company A says: “We appeal to families, working professionals, kids, people from many walks of life.”  Everyone wants different content…solution?   Make more pages!  A kids-zone with about-town scavenger hunts related to the product.  Working professionals can get equipped with how it will benefit their career and sense of well-being from reading a blog or getting deals around their city.  A Family space for the parents to do with safety and other parental stuff, and the Young & Urban section where everything LOOKS COOL!!!  Young Urbanites need to land on your page and feel in their bulbous seed of a heart that it is all rad, fresh and on-point; images, style, quick catching content.  Even better if on each page there is an upcoming event, contest or promotion…even though it may be far in the future, you can catch them right at that point – date in datebook..

Company A needs more pages, specific to each segment: give the Young & Urban a chic mind-map with images that swell when you cursor over them; not too heavy on written content.  Give your Families a slick wordpress with loads of great information.  Give your kiddies a Facebook Page with a PageModo lander and game apps!


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