Twitter Growing Up?

Why is Twitter bigger in other countries than that of it’s origin, the United States?  As more people use re-tweets and links to other articles, and ‘the personal tweet’ numbers decrease ever so slightly, Twitter in other languages is picking up steam.  Take little Venezuela – Twitter is the 6th most popular site in Venezuela, and Venezuelans make up 1.4% of all Twitterers out there!

Nothing pairs better with white sandy beaches then a little Twitter action.

Maybe this confidence in social media has to do with Venezuelan President, Huge Hugo Chavez,who is using Twitter to govern while he undergoes cancer treatment in Cuba.    He’s at chavezcandanga; his 1.8 m million followers receive messages that set him a far cry from our ‘personable’ PM – “What a beautiful meeting we’ve had this afternoon” he tweeted, in reference to seeing Fidel and Raul Castro, and another tweet: “Good morning, Living World! … And this will to Live, what does it grow inside me!”

Name (Screen Name) Location URL Followers Following Updates Joined
Hugo Chávez Frías (chavezcandanga) Venezuela 1,955,212 20 1299 17 months ago

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