Time is the gift and the enemy.  One minute clicks away on the clock – did you spend it resting or working?  There are advantages to each.

I’ve been trying to spend more time on each thing that comes in front of me, but I can sometimes drift back to my original page-flipping tendencies.  The tough part is deciding which pages to spend the most time on.  It can turn into a panic at once if there appears to be too many options, but there are methods for screening and deciphering which to choose.

Take milk for example.  No – milk is a crappy example.  I don’t really have any examples to give, actually.

That one wasn’t worth spending time on.  Instead, I’m going to think about how you can learn, or teach, about thinking.  Describing the thought process you take when making a decision, to someone else, will allow them to see how you think, in turn, teaching them about how they do their thinking.  Maybe it is different.  In fact, it must be.

There are seven apples to choose from: Pink Lady, McIntosh, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Fiji, Ambrosia and a Pear, which isn’t really an apple, but is close enough.  By god, which one would you choose?  This one’s easy – you’re eating, you go by taste.

There are seven streets you could live on: McDonald, Granville, Front, Dundas, Spruce, HWY1 and Tinkleberry.  Slightly more complicated, but some are loud and busy, some are quaint, some in the middle of nowhere.  I go by my initial reaction, the instinct, I probably blurt it out, then talk all around why I might have chosen it.  I take the second runners up, the third options, ruminate in detail exactly why I wouldn’t choose my least favourite, but all of the thinking I’d done in the time leading up to that question inspired the true instinct, and that’s the one I go with.


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