Cellular and/or Mobile Telephones and/or Handheld Devices

Are handy.  I don’t know many people these days that don’t have a Cellular Telephone, in fact, I can’t think of a single person.   Today they’re good for soaking up spillage at the bar, taking video footage of feral cats or google mapping the closest McDonalds, but when they first appeared they were good for Men who wanted to be flaky at work, or women that are conning married men into a romantic dinner, women that spend their days at the beach, women who wait at home for packages all day, and women who want to chat while they lunch!

Handheld Digital Devices are often good for ruining a good time!  The “idiot” below didn’t have a pager, which means he can’t be summoned back from his relaxing train trip to the terrifyingly-musical “Office” that is his work.  Poor bloke, plum didn’t know!

How about this practical example of another way that a cell phone was useful for life in the 80’s.

And if you still weren’t convinced, you’d be asked to look into the future!!   Imagine!  It will be as common as someone checking their electronic watch, or using an electronic calculator.  Who is “watching the industry,” and how do you manage to do that?


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