A Bad Egg will Float

If asked, a professional cook will tell you – eggs don’t need to be kept in the fridge.  Very european of you, “Chef!”  Let’s test that theory out.

12 eggs, in perfectly fresh condition at the start, enjoyed a water bath in the warming melting dreggs of our camping cooler, and as the ice melted and we finished all that needed to be kept cool, we were left with the eggs remaining.  There was no sense in buying more ice, so we left them.  I have a “thing” about eating refrigerated-food that has been warm for three days, I just don’t like the idea of it.  You could serve it to me and I wouldn’t notice, that would be fine – but don’t let me find out about it.

Today is different.  Reason: if the eggs really don’t have to be refrigerated, then what is the big deal?   In fancy France they set the days fresh eggs, butter and milk on the counter and don’t flinch about it.  They also have the freshest bagged bread on the planet, so they’re doing something right.  When in doubt – do the Egg Test!

Drumroll please, I know the anticipation is mounting beyond your capable managerial skills.

When placed in water, a good and fresh egg will lay calmly on the bottom.  A few days old egg will chill out on the bottom too, but sway and bobble a bit.  A three-week old egg might rest on it’s small end, with the fat one facing the surface of the water.  A bad egg will float.

What did our eggs do, you’re dying to know?  Well, either the test is faulty or we’ve all been paying more then necessary on electrical bills – our eggs behaved like perfectly fresh eggs.

We’re very proud of them.  And we’re going to eat them.  Inside waffle batter.  I think a poached one might bring the fear.

This conjures up a really important question about our Western Culture’s obsession with ensuring the germ, bacteria and life-form free “nature” of everything that we are surrounded by.



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