It’s Grey Outside

I can’t believe I called Catcher in the Rye hilarious in a last post.  I mean – that’s just bad foresight, a step ahead of myself, so name-droppingly pompous.  I mean, the first bits are quite funny, and that totally pulls you in; I think a lot of comics are that way, all bang-bang!  Here’s a joke, here’s another!  Then when you get to know them they are in fact really sad people.  The better the comic, the sadder inside.  ….

Maybe not!

If you go for a run to Tim Hortons….then take the sky train back….does it still count as a run?

While there, I saw this sign:

What were they thinking??  “Auto-Reload.”  They’re lucky they are not McDonalds or this campaign would be more of an AK-47 then a single-shot pistol to their projected sense of awareness as a brand.  I spent $33.30 on McDonald’s at 3am one night.  It was one of my lowest moments.

In other news…there is no other news.

But there is this cool website that I found called ; if I had money, I would probably buy the class on How to Smoke Cigars Like a Baller.

They are young and have a wicked mandate on people educating each other, encouraging more learning across the globe.  Well, Skillshare – I agree!  We have more to teach each other than everyone is letting on, and while institutional education can’t be truly abolished, it does not a make-a the people.  The people, make a, the people.  The bottom left lesson on Building a Product-focused Startup Culture is by the founder of Skillshare.

Annnyway – it’s grey outside!  Here’s a spirit lifter…


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