He is the actual Eggman

I haven’t seen Nardwar in a while – I used to watch him on Much Music as a kid, but I would never see him for real around Toronto.  Now he’s in Vancouver, I’ve seen him once walking across 8th avenue, from afar – then again, at a free concert near gastown, but that was like last year.  But he’s in Vancouver – he must be stalking me.

In other news, the Eggman is out of the hospital I assume?  If you aren’t familiar, you must watch the video.  Actually – that’s debatable.  I can’t decide if it really gives anything at all to the viewer, but it sure is a treat to watch him smile and laugh.  It’s wild, because I don’t understand his gig; my guess is he wants to drum up tourism and passion for Cape Town, South Africa – but of that, I cannot be sure.


Alice Cooper!  Alice Cooper is rad.

If I could meet a Canadian icon from way-back History, it would be Laura Secord.

I think youth ought to be more concerned with living then watching “reality” unfold on MTV.  Go to China, get real jiggy with it now, cause you’re going to have to in the future.

I could use a glass of wine.  Today is Whacky Wednesday.  I posted a video on Youtube a year or so ago – it was about the environment when tourism steps in to make dollars off of it….the top “related” video was Whacky Wednesdays @ a Children’s Hospital, which consisted of a movement where patients, as advised by nurses, put on CrAzY hats and acted all goofy to uplift their spirits.  Great idea, but I am concerned with exactly why it was related to my “work of documentary art.”

To view that (unfortunately, I’m feeling generous – it will make you feel better about yourself), visit here:


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