12 Hour Fever

A week ago or so, Andy had a fever.  Last night – it came to hit me.  Why, where had it been lurking?  Like an attack, around 5pm my throat started to hurt and by 11 I couldn’t sleep for the sweating and chills.  I did manage to start reading Catcher in the Rye, which is hilarious, and I did some late night net-scouring through music blogs like The Quiet Us and YouTellConcerts.com.  It made me feel like an information bandit, scouring the internet in the deep of night with a fever and knowing that the cracky building across the way was also still awake because many of the lights were on.  Somehow the blogs, articles and images were far more interesting and real then, than during regular surfing hours.

The fever eventually took me to 2am, and I was finally able to sleep.


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