Brownie Love

At first you get a little distance,
From the brownie that’s in front of you.

You walk away, thinking you don’t want more,
Then that chocolate craving comes right back to you.

It’s got fudgey chips and tasty icing,
Homestyle is the best, you’ve just got to have the rest.

This habit isn’t good for dieting,
It’s a curse that never rests, unless you knock it on it’s ass.

Brownie Love – Why do they make them?
Brownie Love – Best not to take them?
Brownie Love – I’d rather have an Oatmeal Raisin, In the Basement

Yeah, Brownies only get all melty,
They get gooey, They’re too dark, Extra sweet, Not extra tart.

You can’t survive on eggs and cocoa,
Just a fun weekend treat, that sometimes you get to eat.

And if you tried, you’d find the weakness,
You must know this from myself, cause I have kept them on the shelf.

But No More!   Eating Brownies everyday,
Will only make your teeth decay!!


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